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You are at the core of everything we do. Join a worldwide community of learners achieving their education dreams.

Our Students

We are proud to educate students from across the globe. When you join OI Digital Institute you’ll gain access to class-leading education and you’ll also join a worldwide community of learners. We are passionate about providing you with the education and academic skillsets to reach your dream education and career.








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Dan Parkinson Review
The level of teaching, experience and patience from the course providers was absolutely incredible. It was intense, there was a lot to learn in a short space of time, but it was structured to ensure it was taught and consumed at an attainable pace. It was extremely rewarding.
Dan Parkinson
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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do you use?

We utilise a range of technologies to support your education. Depending on your course you will access classes via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You will also gain access an OI Digital Institute webmail and Microsoft Teams account for communicating with your teacher, classmates and submitting your work.

All students get access to our Virtual Learning Campus, where you can access your class schedule, learn from cultivated materials, submit your assignments and coursework and track your progress. The VLC helps you to understand your areas of strength and improvement enabling you to analyse and address your learning and performance.

Our qualified and experienced English language teachers are assigned to small classes and will work with you across your course to ensure you’re meeting the learning and qualification requirements. Our passionate teaching team will lead your class, breakout spaces, and individual tutorial sessions to ensure you are progressing in your goals.

The Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) is your online student portal. With the VLC, you are just one click away from your class timetables, customised learning materials, assignment submission, results, progress tracking and more. The portal gives you the data to make the right decisions for your educational journey.
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Our qualified and experienced teaching staff are passionate about helping you to develop the academic skills and language required for your future education and career.

Our fantastic group of teachers have been trained specifically to deliver online classes and use all the tools available to ensure your learning experience is enjoyable and academically successful. Our staff pride themselves on providing the best educational experiences and assisting you to reach your goals.

We use software and tools that are appropriate for low bandwidth environments, however we know that occasionally the internet goes down. In many cases your classes are recorded and you can access your recordings from the VLC.

Class sizes vary depending on the course you undertake, however we are committed to providing the best learning experience possible. We expect that classes will consist of a minimum of 4 students to a maximum of 12 students.

Still have a question?

If you can’t find answer to your question in FAQs, please feel free to Contact Us. We respond to most queries within 24 hours.

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The University of Edinburgh Accepts Oxford ELLT for University Admission

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